High-performance tool holders from the inventor of ER collets.

Founded in 1950, REGO-FIX, located in Tenniken in the Basel region of Switzerland, has been producing and selling high-precision tool clamping systems for over 70 years.

Products that convince - REGO-FIX unites four different tool holder systems: The ER System, today established worldwide as an industry standard according to DIN 6499, is owned by the original inventor.

MicRun® MR is the reinforcement of successful ER system development initiatives. Thanks to an overall system guaranteed concentricity of ≤ 3 μm at 3 x D, it is the perfect solution for all high performance applications.

The third system known as PowRgrip® offers excellent concentricity and absorption of high vibrations and simple and safe handling. The Multi Line offers reliable solutions for traditional machining.

The common goal of all four systems is to optimize the machining process and adapt specific solutions to the individual requirements of modern machining.

Product offerings:
• PowRgrip
• MicroRun
• Measurement technology
• Multiline