The next generation of Fluids for metal processing… Trust QualiChem which offers you advanced technological solutions covering a wide range of metalworking applications,
including: cutting and grinding fluids, metal cleaners, corrosion prevention and metal forming fluids.
In addition to high quality manufacturing, QualiChem provides comprehensive technical, sales and laboratory support for all metal processing fluids.

QualiChem has the highest performing cutting and grinding oil products on the market today, further driving our rapid growth.
By applying the latest advances in additive technology and research beyond what is typically used in metalworking and formulation, our team of chemists has developed a revolutionary technology that will define the next generation of metal processing fluids. metals.

Product offerings:
• Cutting and Grinding Oils
• Whole/pure oils
• Metal cleaners
• Anti-corrosion products
• Metal forming fluids
• Metalworking additives and special fluids